Corto weekend Film Festival 2020

The Winners

Best movie

"Rebel" - Pier-Philippe Chevigny - Canada

Corto weekend Film Festival 2020 best movie logo

Rebel by Pier Philippe Chevigny poster

Audience award

"Tempi morti" - Damiano Monaco and Lucio Lionello - Italia

Corto weekend Film Festival 2020 audience award logo

Tempi morti by D. Monaco and L. Lionello poster

Best social movie

"The grand-daughter" - Mohsen Habibi and Mostafa Daryadar - Iran

Corto weekend Film Festival 2020 best social movie logo

The grand-daughter by M. Habibi and M. Daryadar poster

Corto weekend 2020 finalist logo

The prizes will be awarded by a jury of experts. For the AUDIENCE AWARD vote your favorite film. Send us an email by January 3rd at with the title.

"Sofi" - Director: Alessandro Rosato - Italy

"Rebel" - Director: Pier-Philippe Chevigny - Canada

"The Role" - Director Evgeniya Justus - Russia

"Dead Time" - Directors: Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello - Italy

"The Grand Daughther" - Director: Mostafia Daryadar - Iran

"Pastourelle" - Director: Maria Gimenez - France

"One Touch" - Director: Lucia Acito - Greece

"Pipo and Blind Love" - Director: Hugo Le Gourrierec - France

"Fish & Cig" - Director: Antonio Passaro - Italy

"Close your eyes and look at me" - Director: Andrea Castoldi - Italy

"FACEBOOM - La grande pioggia" - Director: Massimo Fanelli - Italy

"THE DOLL SEAMSTRESS" - Director: Joseph Crepaldi - Australia

EventiAvanti presents the 6th edition of the Corto Weekend FILM Festival Italy 2020.

It's possible to submit your works at the CWE from February 20th, 2020 to October 24th, 2020. The festival is divided in 3 categories:

Short movies
Short movies maximum 15 minutes long of any genre (fiction, animation, documentary...) and language are admitted, as long as English or Italians subtitles are provided.
Short social movies (with social subjects)
Short social movies maximum 15 minutes long of any genre and language are admitted, as long as Italian or English subtitles are provided.
Best actor/actress Under 17

Works of every genre and recorded on every support, both film or digital, in Italian or in a different language, will be admitted, as long as subtitled in Italian or English.
Each author can not send more than one work. In order to submit their work, applicants can use FilmFreeway as indicated on Corto weekend website.

They must provide:

  • the submission form, completed in all its parts and signed
  • a brief plot
  • technical information about the movie
  • director's biography/filmography
  • pictures/posters of the movie
  • release form, completed and signed

The jury will select the works admitted amongst the ones received within the previously indicated dates. Their names will be published on the website. Authors and/or producers will receive an email if their works are selected. Judges' decision is unquestionable.

By submitting, senders declare to own the rights of the works, that the contents don't violate the in force laws and that the same contents are not libelous. In every case, authors relieve the organisation from every possible loss, damage, responsibility, costs and obligations of any kind that can follow the projection of their movies. SIAE matters and the payment for the related rights, in case of music executed by a third party, are competence of the authors.

Works sent won't be returned to the authors, and they will be preserved as part of the archive of CWE. Authors and/or producers admitted to the final selection, previously informed by the members of CWE staff, will have to send a copy of their works to be projected during the event (the adequate format will be communicated by CWE).

Authors hereby authorize the projections of the submitted movies for educational aims in schools, for cultural events and to promote the Festival. Different uses will be made respecting the in force laws concerning copyright, after the authorization of the owners of the same rights.
The admission to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this regulation. If problems related to the treatment of the works received occur, the competent authority is the Foro of the city of Milano. In case of objections on the meaning of the points in this list, the Italian version of the same prevails.

Awards & prizes

  1. Best short movie
  2. Best social movie
  3. Best actor/actress Under 17

Rules & terms

It's possible to submit only one work for category.
The 2020 FINAL will be one line from December 31st, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021.

Corti d'autore

L'agenzia EventiAvanti ha il piacere di presentare una rassegna di corti d'autore a tema sociale e solidale, che si svolge, spesso, durante il weekend di gara, ma che può anche vivere di vita propria.

A titolo di esempio, citiamo l'edizione di Corto Weekend al Sacro Monte di Varese, del settembre 2017.
Nelle serate di Venerdì 22 e Sabato 23 sono stati proiettati i seguenti cortometraggi italiani e stranieri...

The dance of the living stones

di Angelo De Grande
Immagine dal film 'The dance of the living stones' di Angelo De Grande

Immagine dal film 'The dance of the living stones' di Angelo De Grande


di Giuseppe Francesco Maione
Locandina del film 'Adele' di Giuseppe Francesco Maione


di Luca Moltisanti
Locandina del film 'Editing' di Luca Moltisanti

Le ali velate

di Nadia Kibout
Locandina del film 'Le ali velate' di Nadia Kibout

Candie boy

di Arianna Del Grosso
Locandina del film 'Candie boy' di Arianna Del Grosso

Mattia sa volare

di Alessandro Porzio
Locandina del film 'Mattia sa volare' di Alessandro Porzio

Mare nostrum

di Rana KazKaz (Syria)
Locandina del film 'Mare nostrum' di Rana KazKaz

Mi amigo Naim

di José Luis López (Spagna)
Locandina del film 'Mi amigo Naim' di José Luis López


di Nico Bonomolo
Locandina del film 'Confino' di Nico Bonomolo


di Ty Primosch (USA)
Immagine dal film 'Corky' di Ty Primosch

Immagine dal film 'Corky' di Ty Primosch


di Giordano Torreggiani

Immagine dal film 'PiùMè' di Giordano Torreggiani

Chi fa Otello?

di Davide Fratini
Locandina del film 'Chi fa Otello?' di Davide Fratini

Babylon fast food

di Alessandro Valori

Immagine dal film 'Babylon fast food' di Alessandro Valori

My awesome sonorous life

di Davide Torreggiani
Locandina del film 'My awesome sonorous life' di Davide Torreggiani


di Aldo Iuliano
Locandina del film 'Penalty' di Aldo Iuliano

Ieri e domani

di Lorenzo Sepalone
Locandina del film 'Ieri e domani' di Lorenzo Sepalone

Nelle stesse serate c'è stato anche l'omaggio al cinema di animazione con un doveroso omaggio a Osvaldo Cavandoli, creatore di "Linea" nel decennale della sua scomparsa.

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